Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tubby Time

Brent and I had a Date Night planned for earlier this week (we barely got one in in March, this month has flown!) so the day before Stephanie came over we wanted to make sure Pippin was nice and clean. I used to give Pippin a bath after Lilli went to bed but it's seriously a highlight of her life and one you just can't deprive her of. We only have one tub in the house and I think she finds it hilarious to see him get a tubby in her tub.I think Brent was feeling deprived because a photo-shoot he was supposed to do last weekend got canceled due to the bad weather (but this Saturday is looking great for it!), so he set up studio lighting in the guest bath and got some great shots of Pippin's bath using his newest lens.

Step 1 - Bribe him with treats to get him in the back bathroom. He hides when he hears water running in there.
I know her head is cut off, but THIS is the excitement at being the bath assistant. MUCH screaming and squealing takes place.

Not the same level of excitement in Pippin's face. He'd much rather be dressed up in jewelry and forced to wear lip gloss than take a bath.
Thank goodness he's black and white or you wouldn't see him in this awful black tub. I still want to get it painted white and replace the sink and toilet with normal white pieces.

Poor, poor Pippin.
Concentration = her tongue out as she pours.
Final Step - More reward treats. Then he runs and hides and is typically angry at me for a couple of hours!

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