Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's

Happy St Patty's Day from our (not so little) leprechaun!! St Patty's outfits are big business around here. One of my fave all time outfits of hers was this one from her first St Patty, just a simple onesie but it was just so cute. And then last year she was just so adorable. Luck-of-the-Irish for us she can still wear the same skirt she wore last year!! Bonus points for being on the slow side of the growth chart!
She wore it to church on Sunday and then also to school today with a different shirt.
Originally she had on tights instead of socks, but those already came off before these pictures were taken.

She absolutely loves watches me flush public toilets with my foot, and we do have an understanding that she can flush at home but not out in public. She fancied herself VERY clever that she can reach with her foot at home as well.
One of her chores is putting out the napkins, on Sunday Pippin also got one. I don't think he was impressed.
Looking cute in the Jumpy. Jumpy sprung a leak last night and is currently being patched. To say she's upset about it is an understatement.
This was today's St Patty look. We had our traditional shepherd's pie for dinner and it was so nice we ate out on the deck. She actually wore sneakers and leggings under the skirt today, but since she likes to change a million times a day as the fashion wind blows this is what she had on after dinner. Last night at one point she had on a Dora PJ shirt, striped leggings, Elmo slippers and her St Patty skirt. Lots of creative energy here.
So glad tomorrow is Friday but MAN this weekend is packed with stuff going on.

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