Sunday, March 13, 2011

Splitting Hairs

Lilli's hair is really, finally, starting to get out of control.It's like this crazy flat thing around her head and then all these crazy curls around the side and back. And the front is still short but is starting to grow into her eyes a bit. Brent and I have been talking and it may be time to get her cut or trimmed up or something, so it looks less mullet-y. I think some sort of little style (like a bob or maybe some layers) would look so cute, I'm just not sure what you can do with her hair until it's more even.
Thursday night Lilli helped me make a ton of cupcakes for a coworker's birthday so Friday afternoon she got to enjoy one herself. They must've been good because one guy I work with ate ELEVEN of the small ones!!! I made strawberry cupcakes with my homemade strawberry frosting which is to die for!!! And I had enough icing leftover to use for a cake for Adam and Julia the next day. I also made Black Bean Brownies for the party. The guy is a big health "nut", so I thought it would be fun to have a healthy theme - we did a low-cal punch I created (G2, Sprite Zero and Fro-Yo), mini-cupcakes, and the brownies. Brent declared those brownies to be the worst thing that ever came out of my kitchen, and they TRULY were. Awful. I don't know what's wrong with those people that gave it good reviews on All Recipes. They looked like normal brownies but did completely taste like they were made of beans. So I cut them into tiny bite-size pieces and still took them to the party as a something fun to sample, and most people were willing to try them. Two people actually did like them, but the general consensus was that I need to stick with sweet stuff (and I 100% agree). It was fun to try and did add a really fun element to the party.
Friday night I wanted to see if I could find a new dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday, so we ate at Cheeseburger Charleys (SO good!) and went to Burlington Coat Factory. A weird place for sure, but they do have a ton of nice dresses. I didn't find anything I loved but I was going to buy two new dresses until I met back up with Brent and he told me the "Toy Nazi" had been rude to him and Lilli (as well as other children in their toy area - USA Baby is inside Burlington) so I put my dresses back and we left.
We work way too hard for our money for businesses to be rude to us when all they were doing was sitting in the floor quietly reading books. And I won't go back there, there's plenty of other businesses that would rather have us and have a clue about customer service.
I should've stuck to my gut and gone to Green Hills and shopped Macy's instead!

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