Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Our ghetto Kroger has really started trying to step it up lately. They've remodeled the interior, added more organic stuff, and tried (as much as they can) to match the nicer side of the neighborhood. This past Sunday instead of giving her one sticker they gave her a whole strip of them. It made for good times on the car ride home. She's been Krogering!
I got her this cute little skirt at Target after Christmas when it went on clearance. I also bought a matching sweater, but I bought them both large so she could wear it this year and next but the sweater was just too big to wear last week.
I think it still looked cute with this turtleneck and a little sweater. Of course the Kroger stickers were a nice little accessory she added.
And a strawberry snack. She's been huge on strawberries lately. To be so tiny she really can eat sometimes. Tonight we had andouille sausage, red beans and rice and green beans and she ate more sausage than I did!
She has been doing SO great with potty training this week! On Sunday she used the public potty twice at church, and then every night this week she hasn't had any accidents from when we get home (about 4:30) until she goes to bed at 8 pm! (She's also using the potty many, many times at school but I think she gets more distracted and doesn't always go.) Of course during dinner we have to stop and use the potty - some nights 4 times, but tonight thankfully just once. Sometimes she'll go an hour without wanting to go, and other times she'll go every 15 minutes. But she's definitely catching the hang of it and is very proud of herself. She's also very proud of the big bag of character undies my coworker sent home and that's been a huge motivator for her. She'll change from Sleeping Beauty to Pooh to Nemo several times a night.
On Sunday afternoon she had used her little potty and afterwards I brought it into the kitchen to wash and give her her gummi reward. Somehow I got distracted and we ended up wandering off to play in her jumpy and then a few minutes later she needed to go again. Well, at that point I remembered the pot part was still in the kitchen but I forgot I hadn't cleaned it out. In my rush to grab it and get back to her I still didn't notice it wasn't clean and ended up absolutely splashing myself (face, shirt, pants) and all over the clean floor Brent had mopped the afternoon before while I was at a wedding shower alone. I had to leave the mess and run for Lilli, so once again Pippin helped mop, but I did make it to Lilli in time. Just as I got back to the kitchen (to REALLY clean it this time) Brent came in the back door from working outside and got some pretty major entertainment out of the scene. I told him I wasn't having a good moment!!!

Life will be so nice when we've concurred potty training!

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