Thursday, March 3, 2011

Future American Idol??

Monday I used the crock pot and made THE best BBQ. It was so delicious. We cooked it in the crock pot on low all day while we were gone to work. I think next time we'll skip the last 30 minutes mixed in with the sauce because the meat was really good enough without it. And Lilli liked it better "raw", too!It really wasn't THAT warm here today. She's such a neat freak that she flipped out when she spilled a little apple juice on herself at dinner and picked out this dress to wear the rest of the evening.
A nice normal smile, yay!
And a video from earlier in the week. Lilli STILL sings Happy Birthday to herself every single day, usually around dessert time. Even when we were at Kroger last weekend and I bought a box of Little Debbies she started singing Happy Birthday. It's absolutely hilarious and we just had to get it on tape.

We think it's completely adorable but I'm not feeling strong about her American Idol future!

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