Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grocery Store Art

I have told Lilli on numerous occasions that she had better not mark on her clothes with ink pen anymore. And the obvious answer to that dilemma would be to not give her a pen, but it's the only way to keep her in the buggy at Kroger without screaming or being a total terror.I guess I had this version of body art coming, huh? Both arms were covered front and back with some very detailed drawings. She's really a good artist - always draws eyes, mouth, nose, etc on the people and animals she draws. And she's learned all her shapes lately and likes to draw circles, hearts, etc. (She does a great job with circles but the others are a bit abstract.)
However, she did listen and this week not a single mark ended up on her dress!
I counted and by noon on Sunday I had taken her to the bathroom 10 times, but she had managed to stay dry all morning except just a little bit somewhere between Kroger and home. Five of these trips were at church, and she went three of those times. Two of the trips were more of a diversion to get out of going to Sunday school. They have new teachers in her room and they're a little "underwhelming" for this age group. Last Sunday was the first time she has EVER cried when we've dropped her off at class. She used to literally run to her old room. They did tell us she sang and participated, so maybe she's warming up to them.
And then we had to take her at Kroger - Brent took her so I could shop and he promptly brought her back and said it wasn't going to happen in that bathroom so I ended up having to take her. I'm sure that will be the first of many thoroughly disgusting bathrooms.
She loves helping put up the groceries but I do find some things in random places - later in the week last week I found a box of popcorn in with her snacks and then every once in a while canned goods or toothpaste end up in the fridge. It's amazing how many grocery items she can identify, too!
In her Elmo slippers!
We needed to pick up my Allegra prescription over at the Vandy CVS so we used a gift card we had to have dinner at Panera. The cashier was completely cracked up at Lilli up on the counter ordering and talking to her so she let her pick out a cookie for free (and wanted to also offer her a free milk). We get so many free desserts with this kid! She was a food monster that night and ate her mac n cheese, my chicken soup and bread and some of Brent's chips.
And of course some of her free cookie!!
Sunday night ended with her busting her mouth open on the floor. She was running down the hall and slipped. She only gets her pacifier at bedtime and she already had it in (she was looking for Pippin to tell him Good Night) when she fell. It cut the inside of her mouth and really gushed for a couple of minutes.
It was fine by the next morning and she slept great. However this is really not her week because she really busted her lip at daycare today. Ugh.

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