Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Things Tantrums are Made of....

So sad to see this weekend winding down!!! We've had a super busy one, full of parties (which happens to be one of Lilli's favorite words now). That always leaves you feeling pretty tired on Sunday night, but it's also very flattering to know we have so many friends with things to celebrate and who consider us special enough that they want to include us in their celebrations!

There's still a major tragedy unfolding in the Spears household. No offense to Libya and the Middle East, but we've got a war to win in our own living room before we declare Jumpy-Jump RIP. The first patch didn't work, and the problem is a seam that's wearing apart (the most common complaint about it online, so I did expect this, especially as often as she has used it. This child LOVES to jump - in the jumpy jump and just on "land", too.) We're not ready to toss it in the trash yet, and she is REALLY upset about it.
Lilli started a new daycare last week. We just weren't happy with the in-home babysitter she had been going to for six months. I just don't understand why she kept children considering she pretty much parked them in front of "the babysitter" all day and had pretty much taken away all toys that made any sort of noise or would require her to do pretty much anything. It was pitiful. With that few kids she could have been doing all sort of crafts, baking projects or actually just even playing with them. She just had zero passion for children and wasn't really even teaching them anything at all. And getting five million useless texts from her every single day was driving me NUTS. I had been looking at several other places for a few months, and then just so happened to make a call on a day that was another child's last day at a 3-star center literally one block from my office. I ran down, toured, plopped down my deposit and we did not let that spot get away. She did GREAT last week - she's taking much better naps, painting every single day (never once at her last place did she get to paint or even use markers!! And rarely did they color. It was ridiculous.) They also have a large indoor playground, tons of learning centers, books and the teachers are so great. Her alphabet and counting skills seriously jumped a lot in just one week of getting back to learning for more than just a little while in the evenings with us. And this summer she'll get to go on field trips and I can check her out for lunch or dine in with her anytime I want.

Since Friday was SO pretty I walked down to get her and let her walk back through the office with me to the parking garage - she just LOVES doing that. My desk completely fascinates her and she loves to bang on my keyboard and play with my calculator (two things that have more than lost their appeal to me). Anyway, she was climbing in my chair and whacked her head on my desk - resulting in MUCH screaming, in the ever so quiet office, so a blue sucker bribe calmed her down. And resulted in a very sticky, very blue child in the office. Oh well! Of course she got additional bribes with free product from several coworkers as we made our way out! The perks of working in behind-the-scenes retail!We needed to do some shopping Friday night for both a baby shower and birthday party so we headed to Target. This was the outfit she just had to wear or the world would end. You can't really tell, but the outfit is topped off with pink sandals. They're completely adorable Janie and Jack sandals I got last year at consignment, but they are her new "it" shoe. And have been worn with most every outfit ALL weekend. In this pic she's attacking me with a fake snake while I shop.
See that big giant ball in the buggy - worst couple of bucks I've ever spent. We didn't have anything like that so I thought she'd enjoy playing with it out in the yard this summer. Of course she saw it and attacked several Target shoppers and ultimately this ended in a blow-out temper tantrum resulting in her being taken straight to the car while I checked out. Next time I see something so obnoxious I'll just keep walking. She also had a lay-out in the floor over a Thomas the Train toy in the Easter dept (I did buy it for her Easter basket). That's the first time she's ever thrown a tantrum for us to buy something, normally she'll just play with it and move on. I think next time I want a really expensive outfit I'll just lay out in the floor at Express and see if Brent buys it for me and sticks a sucker in my mouth.
I'm really thinking Target was pretty happy to see our tail-lights leaving the lot Friday night.

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