Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today Lilli celebrated here 1 week birthday. I never thought we'd make it to this point but I am so very thankful for her and for any opportunity that I get to enjoy cake.

Also, that is the shirt that I wore the whole time I was in the hospital. You could tell other dads were sad because they wore regular old lame shirts.

Important Firsts of Lilli

01-30-09: The first time Lilli spit up.

Lilli's First Day as seen by my Dad @ 3 pictures per sec

I took all of the photos my dad took with his digital Rebel camera (which can take up to 3 pictures per second, thus the title) and put them into a short movie. This worked out perfectly because while Lilli was in the nursery and all of this was happening, I was in recovery with Rachel. I need to go back and add snazzy music or just the sound of a baby screaming.

Friday, January 30, 2009