Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Chiquita

From Sunday -Little Miss spotted the miniature bananas I bought for her for daycare snacks and downed two of them right away. I guess they were the right pick for snacks this week, right?
The best way to tell she's used to the camera is watching her run to certain spots in the yard, stop, and pose.
She had a great potty weekend - we went from Friday afternoon all the way through the weekend with no accidents (except when she's asleep, which I don't count.) She is doing so great with it! Granted every meal is interrupted by trips to the bathroom, we go at least three times at church and she's touched every public toilet in Metro-Nashville, but she really is getting it! It's so nice not using many diapers/Pull-ups.
Her hair is really getting long! We've started blowing it out straight and using some products designed for Kids and I think her hair is looking better.
She loves watching for the stray cats Mrs Perry keeps feeding. They sit on top of the fence and taunt poor Pippin.
Casual pose.

Silly face!
If it was going to be a cold and gross weekend at least she got to wear this dress one more time!

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