Friday, April 1, 2011

Games and Dates

Finding new places to hide for "scaring" each other is an ongoing game around here. Lilli was pretty proud of the one she discovered the other night after Pippin's bath.She does always give herself away, she's just too proud of herself for hiding!
Another favorite game is making people knock to come in her room. She loves it and Brent will usually knock and then run away so she has to come back and forth a dozen times before he'll actually be there.
She was also having fun making faces for the camera and trying to shut the door on it...
We had a date night one night this week, we barely snuck it in before March was over! Lilli was so excited to see Stephanie, the last time we went out was right before Valentines. I had asked her the day before if she wanted to play with Stephanie the following night and she got really excited. Then the next day when I picked her up from school I asked her what she was going to do that night and she remembered Stephanie was coming over!
She was finishing off some string cheese when she got to our house and she got so excited to see her that in all her squealing and jumping around Pippin grabbed it out of her hand. They had a great time and the next morning when Brent got her up she came running down the hall looking for her and wasn't happy at all when I told her she had had to go home the night before! It's nice to have someone around that Lilli enjoys being with so much!!!
There was really nothing we particularly wanted to do this month since we eat out and go out with Lilli all the time, but I do like to do some shopping and it's so much easier without Lilli than with her! So we just ate dinner at Logans and did some shopping at Michaels and TJMaxx. I think it's become a tradition that we go to TJMaxx on date night.
I got some cute new clothes for spring (if it ever arrives) and we also got some new pillows for the couch that match the curtains my mom made several years ago. We've never had nice pillows on it just because Pippin lounges around on them all day. He's gotten where he can't jump up on the couch anymore so I guess it was time to get something better looking that doesn't smell like dog.

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