Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pippin's Big Day

Last Saturday morning we all piled in the car and took Pippin to get his annual shots and exam. He was due for his shots earlier in the month but we'd been so busy he was about three weeks overdue. Not totally an awful thing, but we wouldn't have been able to board him or drop him off for doggie daycare while he was delinquent. Lilli was super amped to have her best bud riding in the backseat with her and would yell at him to Sit anytime he laid down. I'm sure he was wishing he could have the backseat to himself! It's kind of hard to tell but she was also wearing her Pippin jacket.
Our vet's office is so incredibly small that it's practically miserable. There's just not a ton of space downtown to really have a spacious office, so thankfully we didn't have to wait too long to be called back. Somehow Lilli thought the table was all for her, and poor Pippin had to wait in the floor. He didn't care, he was just excited to be there.This was the scene when the vet came in - Lilli relaxed out on the exam table drawing pictures and Pippin in the floor. They got quite the kick out of her. She and Pippin were both up on the table for a little while, and she intently watched him being examined and laughed hysterically when she checked his eyes and teeth. I guess because we won't let her mess with those parts of Pippin? She did jump off the table when the assistant said she needed to get some samples, HA!
Now that Pippin is 7.5 years old he had his first "Senior" exam, which meant more samples and tests to make sure he's aging ok. He got a pretty good check up, with weight and some beginning arthritis in the knee that he had operated on 4 years ago being his main issues. We've got to start him on some supplements for his knee, and hopefully the issues he's had this winter are primarily cold weather related.

Saturday night we ate at Noshville, sort of a New York style deli. It's pretty good. I do appreciate the coloring pages for Lilli! I taught her to play tic tac toe.
Every meal is complete with a side of ketchup.
Here's a little video from dinner. It's the kiss of death if a waiter warns us her food is hot. For some reason hot becomes a permanent thing and it's a chore to EVER get her to eat it, which usually means we don't half get to eat our food. So we've started telling her, in rather animated form, that her food is COOOOLD when it arrives. I guess this is how we appear to her!

Our waiter was a big Lilli fan. Once when he asked her how her food was she opened her mouth wide up to show him. He thought that was the greatest thing he'd ever seen, and that she was the cutest, so needless to say that waiter got a very nice tip!

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