Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Equestrian Lilli

On Sunday we went with an "equestrian" look (the sweater has a horse on it). She has actually worn this dress before, last year on Mother's Day. How's that for getting your money's worth out of a used dress?? I thought it was so cute so I had bought it for her to wear last year on Kentucky Derby weekend. Doesn't every toddler need a Derby outfit???I know one day she'll probably hate being short just as much as I do (only because it's impossible to buy pants, and you can't buy discount pants at places like TJMaxx because they don't carry the short length) but for now I LOVE that so many things carry over from season to season for her. This dress is a size 12-18M Gymboree and still fits perfectly.
She thought she was BIG STUFF in her cowboy boots Sunday morning and she got a TON of comments from people at church. You really do meet a lot of new people taking multiple trips to the various bathrooms, I think we ended up making 3 visits Sunday morning. One older lady stopped me outside one of our bathroom visits while Lilli was taking a bath in a water fountain and told me she could tell I was having so much fun having a girl by the way Lilli was dolled up. She said she had had three girls of her own and one boy and having a boy just wasn't the same even though she had tried so hard to have fun dressing him up as well, ha! Of course she was dressed to the 9's in a gorgeous dress and jewelry so it wasn't hard to believe her story.

Her legs aren't that pale, she just likes wearing tights.
We've totally become those parents who open bags of food in the grocery store to stop the whining. On this particular day for some reason completely unknown to me, Brent gave her a bag of hot dogs to hold and to keep her from literally gnawing through the package a deal was struck for pretzels instead.
Brent did ask the checkout guy (we go to the same lane every week) if he could have a discount on this bag since it had already been opened. Never hurts to ask, right???

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