Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babies and Weddings

Saturday morning we loaded up to take some food over to Adam and Julia's to celebrate the arrival of Miss Ella Kate. (or as Brent calls her, Kate.) The fashionista was in full force in the back seat with her shades and vest on. I had thought it was a little chilly earlier in the morning, so I had a vest on and she wanted to wear one, too.Lilli was completely taken with Ella and just stared her down most of the time we were there (except when she wasn't using their potty, undressing herself, and hanging from her toenails). But she really does love babies and finds them completely fascinating.
Surprisingly she wasn't jealous. Most of the time when one of her friends wants to give me a hug in the afternoon she'll practically sucker punch them and remind them that I am HER momma so it's nice to see she was able to share me with Ella!

Hugs bye to Ella (and she wanted to kiss her several times....)
And hugs for her Auntie Julia (and of course Uncle Adam too!)
And afterwards we had lunch at Chic-fil-a, a nice treat for Lilli and I since we're never around one. Chicken + Lilli = BFF.
After a somewhat abbreviated nap (someone woke up and wanted to go potty, ugh the downfalls of potty training!!) it was time to get decked out for Seth and Lindsey's wedding. I knew I wanted her to wear this black silk dress, but all of her dressy undershirts are onesies (and that would not work with all our potty trips!) So I'm not crazy about how the white long sleeve T looked under it, but it's all we had. And of course she had to take her black purse with her - full of stickers.
She pretty much wants to wear her glasses all the time in the car now, and actually wore them into the wedding for a while.
They had a sweet, beautiful ceremony at our church. Everything from the dresses to the flowers was gorgeous!
The reception deserves its own post and some GREAT video of Lilli showing out.

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