Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Part 2

After the wedding we all went outside to blow bubbles for Seth and Lindsey to leave for the reception, and then of course I had to run Lilli back in for a bathroom visit. She did so great all day on Saturday, and never had a single accident with all the running around we did and everything going on. She was also absolutely perfect at the wedding. I had stashed a brand new coloring/activity book in my purse and she wrote in it during the whole service and when she got bored with that at the very end she sat and ate strawberries. She really is so easy to take out and about, and I think a lot of that is just because we've taken her so many places from the beginning. Today on the way home she actually got upset because she wanted to go OUT to eat, and truthfully she's a lot better in restaurants than at home!

They had a great buffet at the reception (at a local Country Club). It was a pasta buffet with ziti and also Alfredo and their Alfredo sauce was to DIE for (and we are super picky on Alfredo!!!) Lilli was also a fan! She ate her noodles, bread and discovered croutons for the first time, ha!
Here she and I are (along with her bread....) with Jana (sis-in-law of the groom) and also with Ed, father of the groom and our Sunday School teacher. He performed the service and did such a great job!
And with Heath - Jana's husband and the brother of the groom. A little self portrait here since Brent wasn't around!
Of course a Lilli and Taylor pic. When she saw him holding the door open at the wedding she screamed in the car and almost burst our ears. She has such a crush on him!!
Lilli and Rachel. Not the most lady-like of gals, that's for sure.
Slightly better, kinda. We've given up on normal smiles.
Their gorgeous cake. They must be big chocolate milk fans because it was mentioned in the service and then that's what they toasted to. His mom also made over a thousand peanut butter balls for the reception!
For the longest time Lilli wouldn't get out there with the other kids and dance - and then a Michael Jackson song came on (it might have been Can't Stop Til I Get Enough) and from that moment on the spirit moved her the rest of the night. The child went from the floor to the stage back and forth, over and over, welllll past her bedtime until we had to carry her out screaming. She would even do these strange break-dance maneuvers on the ground and was really something to watch. The following morning some woman I'd never seen before came up to us and asked me how late I let the Dancing Queen stay at the wedding because she was still going strong when she left! (The answer is just 8:45!!! Granted with the time change it didn't help and she was tired on Sunday morning but it's not like we go to very many weddings!)
Suzanne with Lilli and I. Picture taking was cramping her style and she was not happy about being contained! This was right before I had to take her out on my shoulder.
Me with the happy couple - Seth and Lindsay.
And now they're off in Cancun enjoying their honeymoon!

And here's a few of Lilli's greatest moments, edited and set to music by Brent.

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