Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Buds

Someone gave Lilli a little thing of Easter lip gloss and once she had fun putting it on herself and me Pippin was the next target. He really didn't mind, at all.They also gave her some of this jewelry, little gloves and these pantyhose that she insisted on wearing. She really likes wearing tights and pantyhose, and gets really excited if I'm also wearing them (like on Sunday mornings.)
All dolled up and thrilled about it.
Their favorite game together is Night-Night. She gets so mad if he won't stay down but he really does put up with a lot of flailing arms and legs before he'll move.
Little Momma also believes in good dental hygiene for herself and baby. Baby also goes to the bathroom and needs her hands washed (in the sink) numerous times per night. We sing Happy Birthday three times every night to various people to get her to stay still for teeth brushing and that seems to work pretty well. She found one of those old baby headbands as I was cleaning out her drawers this past week and wants to wear it around her head most every night. It's kind of like hanging with Rambo around the house every day. Can't wait until she wants to wear that one out in public.
Gotta run! My absolutely gorgeous, custom diaper bag arrived today at the post office and I can't wait to do a little downsizing!!!!

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