Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Great Day

We've just had the best day. Two events we've just been so excited about for so long!! Here's just the short version because my feet are tired and I'm ready to sit down for the first time all day!!

We got to take Ella Kate (and Adam and Julia....) lunch today! We are so glad she's home with them now and that we could all go and meet her. Lilli was in loooove. It hasn't hit her yet that Adam had another girl in his life now, that may take a while!! She is a such a big fan of them. Personally I always enjoy when they're at first service because Lilli will just stay with them and forget all about us, HA! Of course she had to give sweet hugs and lots of kisses before we left. She just loves real babies. There was a lot of bribing this morning using "If you want to see the baby today you need to ..... ". Works every time.
Then tonight we went to Seth and Lindsey's wedding at church. Such an absolutely beautiful wedding and we are so excited for them!
Lilli was a huge fan of the DJ and all the music at their reception at a local country club. She TORE IT UP. I've got lots of great video of her to upload and she did NOT want to leave. Literally she was break-dancing until about 8:45 or so before we carried her out kicking and screaming. AND - she went all day long with NO accidents!!! That is a huge accomplishment since we spent a decent amount of time in the car and at various places. I would've thought for sure tonight she'd have an accident at the wedding/reception but she is doing so GREAT with potty-training!
Such a great day and we're so excited for both these families!!! Lots more pictures to share, we took 128 of them today with my little pocket camera!!!

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