Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Saturday morning Lilli and I went to her church friend Rachel's 2nd birthday party! Brent was fighting a battle against the carpenter bees and couldn't come with us. Thankfully he did finish reworking the garage so hopefully we won't have those bees attacking us every time we go in and out of the garage or work in the yard this year. He's been working on it every weekend it doesn't rain, and some evenings after the time change but with the blooming of everything over the last couple of days we were already starting to see bees and wasps out. If you've ever been at our house in the spring and early summer you know how awful those irritating things are!

It was a gorgeous day for her party. I didn't get too many pics since I had Lilli solo (and we only went to the bathroom about 4 times in 2.5 hours so I pretty much had my hands full just running back and forth to the pot....). She had a Dora themed fiesta, and we started out by making a tambourine. Or in Lilli's case using a few stickers and eating a ton of jellybeans. Then we had some Mexican themed snacks out on the deck. Lilli is next to the birthday girl, Rachel.For her birthday her Daddy has built her her very own swingset in the backyard, and it was really close to finished in time for the party.
Lilli loved swinging in the big girl swing. I loved this adorable little cupcake dress I found for her the day before at a consignment sale in Hillsboro and spent $3 on!!! What a steal. Thankfully it did match her current "it" shoes.
Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! It's hard to believe all these kiddos are 2 now!
Juice Box and cupcakes, what more do you need???
Chocolate mustache and icing dripping out of her nose. The sign of a good party.
We left when pre-nap meltdowns meant she couldn't fathom why I wouldn't let her go in the yard of a stranger and play with their swingset or their dog. I'm so mean. Tiredness makes her inconsolable and totally irrational, but a bag of to-go jellybeans from Tonya did help. When we got home Brent met us outside and was asking me how the party was and Lilli jumped in with "Good!" and went racing inside. I guess she can field those questions all on her own now, ha!!!

Happy Birthday Rachel! Welcome to the Terribly Terrific Twos!

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