Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not So Pretend Play

On Monday night Lilli wanted to play baby-dolls. It's probably been about 3 weeks since she's even played with her baby dolls, that phase ended pretty quick. My favorite part of playing baby dolls is night-night!Even Pippin doesn't mind being a part of that action.
He'd already been decorated with necklaces, then forced to play night night and finally had to wear a bib and eat invisible food. Considering he'd try to lick her between every wardrobe change I don't think he minded all that much.
And then it suddenly struck her that her Baby needed to use the potty. So the rest of the evening was spent with Baby using the potty about every five seconds.
She would watch intensely.....I guess this is what I do, ha!
You did it!! She also declared her Baby needed a gummi worm for going. Smooth trick.
Lots of cheering and clapping for Baby!
She also wanted us to take the little bowl and wash it out after every fake potty visit from Baby. It appears invisible bodily fluids are just as much work for us as the real ones.
Did I mention how much more fun playing night-night is????

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