Monday, March 21, 2011

Our playground

Saturday afternoon after Lilli woke up from her nap we headed across the street to the playground. The weather was way too perfect not to enjoy it for a while. Originally we had planned to go over to Centennial Park and feed the ducks, but Brent needed to finish the garage project and there just wasn't a ton of daylight left at that point (or at least not enough worth driving for). Once we squeezed through the gap in the fence she was OFF!Sliding fun for all!
Swings! Brent got a new wide angle lens a few weeks ago and he brought that with him, sometimes it makes the pictures a little distorted.

Walking the balance beam. They had done something similar to that at daycare on Friday so she really wanted to balance!
Swinging in the big girl swings!
Enjoying our private park!
She also likes to hang and swing from the bars. She's actually really strong for her size!
Of course she was wearing her current "it" shoes.
Walking back home! We had a great time, minus a particular potty incident. Let's just say things may have gotten awkward, we may have broken a law or two and hopefully no neighbors were watching. But what else can you do when you know you'd never make it running back across the street!?!
When you gotta go you gotta go!

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