Saturday, March 5, 2011


The scene before I left for work on Friday morning:Brent gets her up about 6:15 so I can see her for a couple of minutes before I leave for work (usually at about 6:25....). She always like to put on lipstick with me, so I keep an old mostly empty tube on the shelf that is "hers".

We ate at the new Coopers on Porter in our neighborhood last night for dinner. We had gotten one of the restaurant deals where for $15 you got a $30 gift certificate to eat there. And that will be the first and last time we eat there, ugh.
They were beyond slow with our food and it was incredibly overpriced. They don't even have a kids menu (although they say they are family friendly) so we had to modify their mushroom flatbread to make it a ham and cheese flatbread so it would be like a little mini pizza for Lilli (which she did enjoy). And my $17 shrimp entree was pretty boring and basically terrible. I think Brent finds it most hilarious that I was annoyed by the fact that your soda came in a glass bottle - here I am paying $17 for my dinner and I can't even get an actual, refillable glass of coke?? I have to drink out of a bottle?? No thanks!!!

Since they were so slow we had to take Lilli to their bathroom twice, but she did great. It's getting even more interesting now that she wants to exclusively use the potty, there's going to be a LOT of running and searching out public bathrooms since we're on the go so much. All day today she only had one small accident this afternoon. It's nice to not really be using diapers (or even PullUps at home!) She's so anti-diapers now that at night we usually have to put a pair of underwear on top of her nighttime diaper to make her happy.Last night she was really in a performing mood but by the time we got the camera she was done (of course). But this one was still pretty funny. For some reason when she "sings" Row, Row, Row your Boat she does some pretty major arm motions. I have no idea where that's coming from??? And then she started out strong on her ABC song and then just got bored with it. Hopefully soon we can get a better one of her singing it because it's pretty hilarious. She knows a lot of the letters but just not in order, or sometimes she'll just sing ABC over and over again.

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