Friday, March 4, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

It's going to be really, really hard to post pictures in the month of March. This is the extent of her wardrobe most of the time (at home). Luckily she likes to change them about every 15 minutes - in a hour we'll go from "Sleepy Booty" to Princess Cinderella to Gabba Gabba to Care Bears to Nemo and back around again.It does make it easier to get to the potty quickly though! Tonight she didn't have her pants on after we had gone to the potty and then she told me she wanted her pants. So I asked her where her pants were and she told me Target. HA!

One night this week there was a garden spider on Lilli's wall so Brent killed it and we disposed of it. When it fell off the wall we couldn't see it in her rug so we had to get a flashlight to find the body. The next hour of the evening involved Lilli with a flashlight looking for other dead spider to dispose of.
Pippin was incredibly bored by this activity.
We disposed of one dead ladybug and one small piece of paper out the back door for the squirrels. She wanted to dispose of all the dust under her dresser as well. So nice of her to point that out to me.

The "game" concluded with giving Pippin an eye exam. She learned this from the vet last weekend.
Luckily he got a clean bill of health from both Lilli and the vet!

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