Monday, March 7, 2011

More Rainy Day...

I was greeted with this lovely view Saturday morning when I was getting dressed. I had no idea how she ended up with her Phonics Radio, See n Say and an umbrella until I was scanning through the pictures that day and Brent happened to catch it all on video.

Actually, even after watching the video I still really don't know how those items entered her brain to come and bring to me. I guess singing ABCs and conducting the choir to Row Your Boat just makes her think umbrella.

We also made little homemade pizzas Saturday morning with some Pepperidge Farms whole wheat Deli Flats I had gotten with a coupon. We made up our own creations, just cheese, ham, pepperoni, bacon combos with pizza sauce.
Lilli was not much help and mostly just ate cheese and meat while I put them together.
We baked them for 10 minutes and they were perfect and super delicious. Over the weekend I also made this yummy vegetarian Tortilla Pie . It was so good and super easy, plus it made for easy leftovers. I followed some of the reviewer recommendations and used a springform pan for easier serving, and also substituted out one of the cans of pinto beans for a can of Fat Free Refried Beans. And since I didn't have any cans of pinto beans on hand I subbed the other one out for a can of Kidney Beans. I also used a can of diced tomatoes in place of the fresh ones.
Tonight I made this easy Ham and Potato Soup, since it's once again pretty chilly outside. Brent declared it the best potato soup I've made this winter. I guess I have been on a soup kick this year, it's just always so good and easy and Lilli will usually eat most soups. I used more celery and onion than it called for, and also followed some of the recommendations to use chicken stock instead of water + bouillon since I really don't keep that in the pantry. It will definitely be on the rotation.
Brent's been playing with all sorts of lighting lately. Our house looks like a movie set most of the time with umbrellas and flashes all over the place. I think that's why we have a major over-abundance of pictures (more so than usual) lately. Unfortunately Lilli is half dressed in most of them.
I think he has gotten lots of cute ones of her and she is really starting to enjoy posing for the camera.
I think she is going to grow up thinking she's already been on her own reality show!!!

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