Sunday, March 27, 2011

Low Key

We've had a nice and low-key weekend, pretty relaxing (considering we have a 2 year old). We were all pretty worn out from having so much going on the last few weekends that we really needed it. When Brent woke Lilli up on Friday morning she asked to go back to night-night so he let her sleep another 20 or 30 minutes, poor thing. That child loves her sleep and already dislikes mornings as much as Brent does! I really don't know how long she would nap - I always have to wake her up at 4 pm so she won't sleep too long and not be tired at 8. Saturday she slept from 12:45 until I woke her up at 4, and today she slept from 1:15 until I woke her up at 4:15. She loves a good nap.

The weather was pretty cold and gross all weekend so we rarely left our neighborhood. Friday night we ate at Otters on Music Row since our East one went out of business. We may have to write them off, that one is just dirty and gross now and the service was pretty horrible. The bathroom was even worse and I think I told Lilli a million times not to touch anything.
She's really into the Musica statues now so we had to do our impressions for a few minutes. It's kind of hard to tell, but her wardrobe choice for the night was a pair of summer capri jeans and boots. Awful. But at least the capris are still so big it's hard to tell they're supposed to be short pants.I'm sure everyone driving the turnabout just assumed we were tourists.
My primary goal this weekend was to get some new shoes!! I really needed a cute pair of work boots to replace one that's worn out but I really didn't see anything quite like I liked. I did end up with 5 new pairs of summer-y work sandals and cute shoes. I love Off Broadway because of the reward $$s you earn. I had $16 going into it and came back out with $10 for next time.
Lilli loves the shoe store. When we got home she paraded around in a few of my final choices. I wish they sold kids shoes here!!
Saturday we never left the house and were just lazy all day. The jumpy jump is still losing air but Brent aired it up Saturday and then twice more today so she could play in it because it does seriously depress her. He bought a pool repair kit at the hardware store this weekend he's going to try on it. It's got to dry overnight so hopefully that will work.

It's hard to tell but they were both sitting in my lap listening to stories.
Last night we had pizza and movie night. It's been a long time since we've done that and it was just too rainy and cold to bother going anywhere. We watched Tangled (the latest Disney princess one) and it was so cute. Lilli actually watched all of it (of course I think there were 3 bathroom breaks during it).Poor Pippin doesn't get to enjoy family movie night - there's just way too much food on the floor and he is way to bold!

As nice as it was to be lazy around the house I really do want spring back!!!

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