Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patty's Day!

I can't believe how much Lilli has grown since her first St Patty's Day last year! Some of those pictures and outfits were some of my favorite ones she had in those first few months.

She had a pretty good night's sleep and no fever this morning, so we felt like she'd be ok for school. She was not too happy about the early morning alarm, or pre-breakfast photoshoot. And Brent didn't even get her skirt in this pic, but I'd say the scowl is priceless.

This afternoon they had a party in her class. We all brought various things and they had a big snack and got necklaces and had a little dance party. In the end Lilli took ALL the necklaces from EVERY child. She's become totally obsessed with necklaces and wants to wear them all the time, and I guess the other kids didn't care! This is her boyfriend Jesse - he's an older man by about 4 months but they're both very small for their age so they fit well together. He was sitting there putting one of the hats on her head and they were just laughing away. They are OFTEN flirting when I pick her up. Here she is after we got home, with everyone's necklaces on (minus one that broke). She kept them on all night until bedtime. Her cute little skirt was a huge hit. I bought it off Etsy recently and think it's just adorable and it fit her perfectly!
Cheesing in the corner
She is such a ham!We played in the yard and read our St Patty's day books from the library. We didn't get to make our traditional shepherd's pie because it takes a while, so we'll do that this weekend! And after all the partying today she was one tired little girl (esp as she's still getting over the croup) so she had a slightly earlier bedtime and so far is sleeping nice and soundly with no coughing yet, yeah!!!! I am very much looking forward to her totally getting over this mess and sleep returning to NORMAL! Especially as we have a busy weekend coming up with Ladies Bunco night tomorrow night for me, then 2 birthday parties on Saturday, and then an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, whew!

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  1. Just an FYI they changed the church Easter egg hunt to April 2nd because of the rain. She looks too cute in these pics. See you guys on Sat!