Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It's good to have Pippin back home with us! There are so many things you take for granted when the doggie of the house is missing from his duties - like having to pick up food you drop when cooking, the constant weather updates you get from sending them in and out to do their business and we've nearly set off the house alarm a few times because we forget no one has already had to turn it off to let the dog out. Lilli dropped some food on the ground at lunch today and our instant Spidey reflexes to grab it before Pippin could get to it were in vain since there wasn't anyone here to challenge.

Lilli woke up from her nap around 3 today so we called and told them we'd be on our way to pick him up shortly. We did warn her that he would have a new hat that might look funny. They came walking with him up from the back, we were really surprised that he would just be walking around like he hadn't had major surgery! He was happy to see us and Lilli was in absolute hysterics over his "hat".It's pretty amazing how much energy he has. It's crazy how active you can be when you have red blood cells and no tumors in your stomach! His bloodwork has remained at a constant 33 (normal range) since his emergency blood transfusion Thurs night, so that's great news. He was down at a 6 then. Hopefully the surgery has stopped the internal bleeding. It will still be Thurs/Fri of next week before we know if the tumors were benign or not.
We were sent home with all the instructions for caring for him, no bathing or water on the incision (and keeping him from doing something to hurt it) are the biggest ones. He is to eat smaller meals for a little bit so it's easier for his stomach to digest it. No exercise. He's on one pain med, one antibiotic and one for something related to his stomach (I think like an antacid.). And of course the cone, our old friend. This is his third cone - he had one for his knee surgery 4.5 years ago, one for ripping his dew claw about three years ago and now this one.
He's terrible with the cone, he gets stuck all the time and runs into everything. Lilli gets pretty perturbed when he runs into her. Last time he had one he kept getting stuck under the coffee table with it and couldn't get out.
He looks so pitiful, all shaven, coned up, bandages on his arm and the incision and staples run all the way down his stomach. They'll be removed two weeks from Monday. His poor stomach is all bloated and looks terrible.
Even though all these pictures are of him asleep he really hasn't slept much tonight. He's been cleaning the kitchen floor with his tongue, following me around absolutely everywhere, sitting up a lot, eating, drinking and going in and outside. We can tell he is uncomfortable, and we've had his cone off most of the night since one of us has had an eye on him at all times. He just has a hard time kind of curling up and getting comfy since the incision is so long and all the way down his stomach.
After her bath, we asked her if she had a good day and what she did today and the first thing she said was "Pippin Home!"And for the not faint of heart - some pictures of his poor stomach. It runs pretty much the length of his little body, and he's all bruised up and very bloated from all the fluids and everything.Another angle. We wanted lots of good pictures just in case it does change (we're supposed to watch for any strange discharge, etc) we'll know for sure what it looked like the day we brought him home. Clearly we're pros at stuff like this.

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