Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recently in Pics

Some random pics from last week....

Princess-mania is in full force and I don't even really know why. I think they must have some princess dress up clothes at school and some of the toys. I did get her several princess PJs at consignment sales this spring and she wants to wear them ALL the time. A week ago Sunday she wanted to put back on her princess gown after her nap, with her dressy Stride Rite Sunday shoes. It was quite the ensemble to eat an apple juice Popsicle on the deck!This is how the "mud pit" looked a week ago Sunday, it looks a LOT different now!

There's been a lot of rough weather lately. I hear "No Rain Today, ok?" a lot. She's also starting to be scared of thunder, or "under" as she calls it. She even mentioned tornadoes the other day when the weather was rough "no under, no o'nado today, ok?". One afternoon they had to spend an hour down in the basement of the building her daycare is in during a tornado warning. Since it's a multi-level building all the other office workers had to go down in the basement as well and I think the kids had a blast.
I ordered a panini machine for the Sandwich Life Group party we had last weekend and it arrived in the middle of last week. Lilli was excited about it, and especially about popping the bubble wrap it all came in.

Somehow she thought the purpose was for grilling her flash cards though....
And of course there's been some bicycle riding on these pretty evenings. A few nights a week we'll do 4-5 miles after dinner down to Shelby Park. I think that's about as far as Brent really wants to drive Miss Daisy - she's discovered tugging on his shirt and putting her hand down the back of his pants is a great way to drive him nuts.
And apparently all that biking can really work up a big thirst.

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