Friday, April 15, 2011

The Black and White Team

On Sunday I dressed us all in various Black and White dress clothes, so of course we had to get a few pictures. This first set for this post is just of Lilli and maybe one of me, and then we did some really fun family ones too. Less than 5 minutes before this she was down on the ground angry because she hated the bow on the front of the dress and kept ripping it off. An apple cured the fit and she was able to model a little for us. We went next door to Mark's yard because he has a few pretty things blooming. It's not nearly as pretty as it used to be - all the lovely concrete benches and statues were sold during his estate sale and it's just not as flowery as it once was but I think we got some pretty ones.The apple that cured the world.
Wind! And BandAids! Over the last week she is usually wearing 1-4 Band-Aids at any given time, with no real boo-boos to speak of.
Running on his walkway....
More Wind!
More Running!

One of me with Lilli. I squatted down to get on her level, so she wanted to squat down too, which totally defeats the purpose. I'm not sure what the finger is about!
We've got a busy weekend ahead! The garage door repair guy came during my lunch today and fixed the garage door (it needed two new springs) so that's one thing taken care of. We're having a big get-together at our house Sunday night for small groups so there's going to be some housecleaning and party planning going on this weekend! It should be fun the weather isn't looking half bad for it now. Somehow I ended up getting hooked up with Kraft Open House and they picked me to host a party (and they wanted it done this weekend). They sent a big box with some samples and some free coupons for new carving board meets and Big slice cheeses, in return for hosting a party. I ordered a new panini machine for the occasion and I think it should be a lot of fun - and in theory should be easier than cooking a big meal for a group. I've been researching good sandwich recipes all week and have come up with a few really good sounding suggestions, sort of like how Freshii or Genghis Grill lets you build your own or use one of their good recipes. I think it should be a lot of fun!

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