Thursday, April 28, 2011


Pippin seemed to be ok when I first got home, he didn't have any trouble going outside and going to the bathroom and was pretty happy about the Beggin Strip I gave him since normally we just give him the healthy junk these days. From there though his breathing any time he tried to exert himself (like trying to follow us around the house) was getting pretty labored and he didn't even have the energy to get out of bed when I dropped some cheese on the floor and that's a pretty major sign for him. I took him out a few minutes before 9 to see if he would be able to go outside and he got so shaky that Brent has taken him to the emergency vet. Living downtown we're lucky to be near one, and we've been there before on Christmas Eve 4 years ago when he dislocated his knee so we know they're good.Before Lilli went to bed she tucked him in with a blanket. I had cuddled with him all night and he never tried to lick me (and he is SUCH a licker), but he mustered up the energy to give her several before she went off to bed. I am so thankful for this picture.
And for this one, the last one we took today. They are so sweet together.

Brent's the only one at the emergency vet and they've rushed him back. His temperature is a low and the vet on staff said he is "white as a sheet". The low blood cell count is causing his tongue and gums to be very pale and Brent said they said something about fluid on his lungs, which is new. All in all, it just doesn't sound good.

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