Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Ordinary Day

Thankfully there's really nothing extraordinary to report today. We had a pretty rough night's sleep. Pippin just couldn't get comfortable and mostly wandered around the house off and on until 2:45 and at that point I think I'd gotten up to check on him a million times. Around 1 am he was just sitting in Lilli's room. I think with the long incision down his belly + the cone he has a hard time finding a comfy spot. So at 2:45 Brent got the boot from our bed and Pippin got in (minus the cone) to get some good rest. Then at 5-something Lilli woke up a few times due to the storms outside, so around 6-something Pippin got the boot and Brent and Lilli were back in our bed. We really need a King size for all the people revolving in and out.

Lilli likes to stack a lot of the groceries as we put them up and Pippin kept knocking them over with his cone and she would get so mad, ha! She was a bit of a pill today, I think she's jealous of all his extra attention. She only flailed into him once today which earned her time-out. We have told her a million times today to be careful around him and at one point today she told me I needed to be careful.She wanted to wear her Pippin dress tonight and go for a walk around the block.

And then these are from my cousin Cindy in Perry County - they made this sign for Pippin and took some pictures of their dog. How cute is that????
Obviously Rocky is also used to be the center of a photo shoot and doesn't mind a little dressing up!

Hopefully tomorrow will be another ordinary day. I'll have to come home at lunch to give Pippin his painkillers and check on him all week, and he'll have to stay in his crate as well so hopefully he'll get lots of rest. He's been following us around most of the day so he really didn't sleep much except when we all took an afternoon nap today. He's pretty passed out now so maybe we'll have a much better night's sleep tonight.

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