Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not our Best Day

Today has not been our best day. First, storms came through around 1:45 through the rest of the night and scared Lilli so many times that we ended up putting her in bed with us at 2:30 (first time we've ever done that). I woke up with a head in my neck, a hand across my face and Brent had feet in his back - exactly why we're not cosleeping people. Even with us right there she still woke up several times - even asking where Daddy was once (huh???? who do you think your feet are all over???) Not a good night of sleep for anyone and Pippin was nervous about it as well and spent the night licking the fireplace. We knew Lilli would probably be tired, but I was still pretty surprised when her teacher called me at 10:30 and said she wasn't feeling well, had a little fever and would probably be better off if I came and got her. I really didn't mind because I was pretty exhausted too and knew we'd spend the afternoon sleeping.

When I walked into her classroom everyone was cutting pictures out of catalogs and glueing them on construction paper (something she loves doing) but she was fast asleep on the little couch in their room with her blankie and lovie. It was so pitiful! When we got home she had an almost 101 temp so I got her some ibuprofin and we stretched out to watch The Bee Movie. We both kind of dozed off and on until I fixed us some lunch.

She likes to lay and watch the TV backwards......
She took a three hour afternoon nap (and two heavenly hours for me....) before I went to wake her up. I could tell she still felt bad and her temp was still at 100. She kept telling me her stomach hurt, which sometimes means she's hungry, so I got her some apple juice and ibuprofin - which she promptly threw up all over me, herself and Pippin. Great shot. So the rest of the afternoon consisted of rocking, napping, reading and Yo Gabba Gabba with some chicken noodle soup for dinner. A true model can even feign a "smile" when feeling under the weather. Princess PJs do help.
The rest of the evening was movie night and we watched The Incredibles and relaxed. Her fever was gone by bedtime but I'll stay home with her tomorrow and make sure she's fever free for 24 hours before we risk exposing her to someone else. This could just be the result of a terrible night of sleep, or the molars she has coming in, but keeping her away from other kids for 24 hours is the best thing to do.

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