Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grandparents and Ducks

I've already put up the pics from last Saturday's biking expedition Brent went on with my dad and relatives, so here's some other pics from that day. Brent had my little camera with him on the bike (typical that he would have a camera but forget a helmet + water) so I don't have anything from the morning. Here's mom and I checking out Facebook later that afternoon. Pippin was enjoying some grandparent time while Lilli was asleep.Post nap - hanging out with Granddad.
Playing in the dollhouse with Grandma.
Even making Grandma get down low to play with the dollhouse! And I didn't even have to help her out in getting back up!
Front porch pic with the grandparents. And everyone looking!!
After they left to head home I took her down to Shelby Park to feed the ducks (Brent was up in Hendersonville doing a photo shoot for some friends.) I think every kid in East Nashville had already been there because the ducks weren't a bit hungry. That did not stop Lilli from filling the lake with bread.
She tried her best to persuade the ducks over - she kept yelling at them, trying to call the ducks over "See! Bread!"

We did walk around the lake (a 1 mile total walk) and found a few ducks off to themselves and actually got a couple to eat a piece or two.

She ended up blowing the whole loaf of old bread in the lake and since none of them were all that interested she wasn't too upset when we ran out of food for them. I think this happened last year on the first nice day so we'll just have to wait a little while until the birds are a little more hungry!

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