Friday, April 29, 2011

We Like Pink

Brent just called to get a pre-bedtime check-up on Pippin. They said his recovery is going well, as expected. He's still on an IV for pain meds from the surgery so he's mostly just resting and occasionally sitting up, etc. His bloodwork at 6 pm looked good and then they will take it again at 2 am. Of course Lilli wanted to know where Pippin was tonight (every day when we get home she proclaims "Pippin's home!" if he normally goes places on his own...). She knows he has been sick this week, so I explained to her that his tummy was hurting so he was with the doctors and they were making him better. A few times tonight she told Brent that the doctors were helping Pippin's tummy, and right before bed when she normally goes to tuck him into his bed she told us once more that the doctors were taking care of Pippin's tummy. Although she doesn't understand what's going on, it's not lost on her either. Last night was rough and I spent most of it crying, of course she saw that and tonight when we picked her up from school not long after we got in the car she told me "Mommy, no sad tonight, ok?". Ok.

Some pictures from this long day - outside the emergency vet this morning. We were there from 6:30 until 8 am.Pippin's "BandAids". The black with the "ouch" is where he got his blood transfusion, the purple is where they went ahead and put a catheter in for quick blood access. Lilli would be SO jealous. I've got a BandAid on my thumb and I wasn't in her classroom for two minutes tonight before three of her classmates noticed and wanted to know about my boo-boo. So sympathetic.
At his regular vet. We were there from 8 until 8:45. Third time for me there this week. Best part was they didn't charge us for a consult today, woo hoo!
At the specialist following our surgery and critical care consults, we were there from 9 until 11. Both starving, we shared a can of Coke for our breakfast. Best can of coke ever. This was right after all the consultations when they brought Pippin back to us for us to give him a pre-surgery pep talk. They follow that with the estimate of fees, I think they do it in that order so you are very mushy and will sign anything. And it works.
Kristi and Cole. Once Brent got home he ran out to take her the dinner we had made for them. I wish I could have gone but I was a disaster and needed to hang easily by the phone in case they needed to talk to us during the surgery. I have always wanted to see their house (they also live in an old house) so I guess we will just have to take them more food soon, and I know Lil will want to meet Cole asap.
And Lilli. Her giant contribution for the day was going to school as normal, making lots of fun arts and crafts, taking a good nap and wearing (one of) her Pippin shirts for support. And being pretty easy going tonight when we were pretty zonked!
Tomorrow mid-morning they are supposed to call us with an update, and maybe a release date for her. They initially thought Sunday would be when he would get to come home so we'll just have to see what they think about his recovery. Although the house is strangely quiet without him we are all for them keeping him under observation as long as needed. Until then we'll just rest up and we're planning to head down to the Country Music Marathon tomorrow morning and cheer for the runners. The new marathon course comes within 5 blocks of our house so we have great access. And this will be Lilli's third year to cheerlead at it, she is an old pro!

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