Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reservations for Three

Most of Brent's Saturday was spent doing this:Lots and lots of digging, and root cutting. A root actually bit him in the face today and he has a big gash on his face now, which was then capped off by the spring breaking on the garage door about 9 o'clock when we were taking the trash out. A whole lot of digging has taken place this week since these pictures on Saturday afternoon and it's really coming along. I think the estimate based on the square feet we're going to put pavers and walkways in is that we'll need 900 bricks!
The last step is quite the doozy. You have to hang onto the post and lower yourself down. A great picture would be me trying to ease down each morning in heels with my coffee mug, still half asleep. We'll have to add a new step at the bottom now.

To celebrate all the hard work, we made reservations for the three of us at Suzy Wong's House of Yum Saturday night. We had a groupon to spend and had been saving them for nice weather so we could sit out on their nice patio.
It was a gorgeous night and the restaurant was busy, but for the longest time we were the only ones outside! We got a cabana and Lilli was mesmerized by her silhouette on the cabana wall.
She stole my chopsticks and actually did really well grabbing some blueberries and grapes while we waited for our small plates. We usually get two small plates and two large plates and that's plenty for us. They're great about bringing everything out as it's ready, so food is constantly coming which is perfect for fine dining with a youngster.
We took a few pics while we were eating our Spring rolls and Chicken Katsu. I don't like having to share my Spring Rolls with Lilli!!! They are just way too good!

She's a big fan of the Chicken Katsu and just couldn't slow down eating it! It also helps that it comes with little sticks to eat it on.

A great dinner out on a perfect spring out! And we'll be back in the next week because we have another Groupon expiring next week!!

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