Sunday, April 3, 2011


The weather is finally getting nice and we are taking total advantage of it around here - and burning some calories!

On Friday my office took place in the new Nashville Moves downtown initiative. On the first Friday of each month they want everyone working downtown to walk during their lunch hour. Our office got between 350-400 people in our corporate office to sign up to walk three miles. They even had shirts made for everyone participating and our president walked with us as well. I'm sure lower healthcare costs have nothing to do with this new push! Here's some of our group in the lobby of our building before we headed out:Everyone out on the plaza before the walk began. We walked from our office up Broadway, one lap around the Titans stadium and back.
Heading up the Shelby Street pedestrian bridge. It felt good at first and then the clouds came back and it was a bit chilly on the walk back. Since I go to the gym at lunch every day anyway it wasn't a big deal for me to get a lunchtime workout it, but it was nice to have lots of company.
Brent burned his calories on Saturday morning. Friday night my parents called and said they were headed to Nashville on Saturday so my dad could ride with my uncles, cousins and one of their friends on our Greenway. Brent ended up deciding to go with them Saturday morning. Our bicycles have been packed away under the house since May of 2008 (when I was first pregnant with Lilli) and just never came back out. We've thought about getting a bike seat for her several times, but just never have. With about thirty minutes notice before they got here he got his bike back out, aired up and dug out his bicycle shorts. Of course after they picked him up and headed to the other end of the greenway he realized he had forgotten his helmet and water - but of course he had his camera!!!

They started out at the Percy Priest Dam and biked to downtown, then Brent headed back home because he was doing a photo shoot later that afternoon and didn't have time to bike back and shower before his appointment. Here's the group on the Shelby Street bridge. That's Uncle Larry, Glynn, Donna, "some guy I didn't know", Dad and Brent from left to right.
And here's one of the guys on the ground when he didn't get clipped out. That's my dad and his twin pointing at him, telling Brent to take a picture.
I had Brent get my bike all aired back up this afternoon after Lilli went down for her nap. I ended up riding the Greenway, from our house through the entire Shelby Bottoms greenway and back, just barely over 11 miles in right at 1 hour. Not bad for a three year break from biking!! It wasn't nearly as fun going by myself so we really need to get Lilli a seat.

The other thing I'm doing this spring is the "Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor". The Mayor is leading all kinds of walks around town to get Nashvillians moving and you can track and log your miles online. I doubt we'll do any of the organized walks, but I would like to check out all the various greenways. I'm already 18.8 miles into the challenge since last Thursday, and I'd like to hit my 100 by the end of May which really shouldn't be difficult.

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