Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lilli can finally ride a bicycle with us now, and she is EXCITED! I got a bicycle seat from a friend at work this week and she is SO pumped! She's been really into looking at our bikes this week and wanting to touch them, so we figured she would like to ride with us and we were really right about that one.We got it on and were able to ride 3 miles Thursday night before it got dark. It's so great to live so close to such a nice, big urban park. We just rode from our house and did one loop around the lake. She loved watching for the ducks and would just squeal and laugh all throughout the ride. When we got home she immediately wanted to go again so I think it's a big hit.
We went back out again this morning and she was VERY excited. She picked those shoes out herself....the last two days she's been on a dressy shoe kick and has wanted to wear either her black or white dress shoes everywhere we've been. We did a 4 mile loop today, down to the park and around the lake twice. We'll probably just add a mile at a time and see how long her attention span goes with it. It is really nice to be back out on our bikes again!
Friday Brent and I did something crazy. We both took off work and still took Lilli to school and spent the day together. Much cheaper than hiring a babysitter and Lilli doesn't know the difference! That was actually the longest we've spent together since she was born and it was nice!! I still started my day out at 5:30 in the morning - I got up and headed out to my favorite consignment sale to be one of the first ones in at 7 (I was about 4th in line). I really cleaned up on all the rest of the clothes Lilli will need this summer! I'm pretty sure she'll never have to wear the same thing twice! I got lots of great stuff - Burberry, Gymboree, Gap, Guess, Baby Lulu and all kind of other designer things at a fraction of retail. I'm pretty sure Pippin is wondering if there's anything in there for him. This is usually the last sale of the season for me, so I don't feel bad buying a little extra. I think I ended up going to 7 or 8 sales this season, there was only one regular one on my list I couldn't make because of a meeting at work.
The rest of the day Brent and I went down to Cool Springs and enjoyed some retail therapy together and I got lots of cute stuff for myself. It was nice having someone around to give an opinion on the things I'm trying on and Brent said he didn't mind just standing around waiting on me all day since he's normally having to wait and entertain Lilli. We even had lunch at Chuy's. We've heard lots of hype over it since it opened but are really just not ever in that area so we gave it a whirl. It was good but Rosepepper in our own neighborhood is every bit as good, too! Afterwards we did a little more shopping and by then it was a little after 3 so we went ahead and picked up Lilli together.
When we got there she was out on a buggy ride but she was happy to see the two of us! These huge buggies are pretty legendary in the downtown office workers society and I always hear from various coworkers that they've "seen the buggy" (with Lilli probably in it) when they walk down to Starbucks. Those buggies just make me laugh, there's another one with the other half of her class in it around the corner you can't see.
Tonight when we were coming back from dinner she got excited about some sushi place on Church and we asked her if she knew it from going on buggy rides and she said "yeah" (she has no clue). So I asked her where they go on buggy rides and she told me "outside". That's deep.

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