Monday, April 4, 2011

More Good Eats

We didn't do a ton of cooking last week since we had Date Night and the Inner City Fish Fry during the week, and on the weekends we eat out a lot because we pretty much deserve it (although one of those meals is always a $5 Little Caesars pizza).I saw someone rave about this vegetarian lasagna on the internet so I thought I'd give it a try. I probably won't listen to anything else she ever really likes. I did make some changes, I didn't like the layering so I did repetitions of everything instead of just the spinach. I wish I'd added more layers of the pasta sauce than it called for. We also added a can of chunk chicken to it to add some protein. It was ok the night we made it, but it was awful leftover. So dry that both of us ended up throwing it away and not even eating it the following day at work.
We made this crockpot Santa Fe chicken recipe last week and it was delicious! I did use chicken breasts instead of thighs and quite a bit more salsa than it called for just to make sure it stayed moist all day since it would be cooking for more than 8 hours on low. I cooked some rice and we ate it on top of rice as suggested. It definitely reminded me of some things I've ordered in restaurants before and it was so easy.
We're trying to eat even healthier lately since Brent is in a weight loss competition at work and I'd also like to lose about 10 pounds. This grilled salmon was good and (mostly) light. Brent's not huge on salmon but I love it so we don't have it a ton. We got a rather large one (which really wasn't cheap, I think we had a $10 cut of meat) but it did make dinner and lunch leftovers for us. Super easy recipe. We didn't have lemon pepper for we just peppered the fish and added some lemon zest.
Tonight's dinner was this Skinny Chimichanga. Wow!! They were delicious, probably one of the best things I've made in a while. I don't think the picture does it justice, I should've taken a better looking pic of it actually on my plate or something! I did double the recipe but it would've been plenty if I kept it as is. I did add a little more cheese than it called for, but not much more. It was nice and light and had a ton of flavor. That one will definitely be on the rotation.
These pictures don't really have anything to do with food, but this is the outfit she just had to wear as we were headed out to dinner Friday night at Mad Donna's in our neighborhood. The ensemble was a purple shirt, Pippin jacket, orange tutu, striped legwarmers and her "big boots". It was quite the look she had going on.I did have a table stop me as we were headed back from our second trip to the potty and ask if she had dressed herself and they just laughed (it was some older women). She for sure got plenty of looks and we were there long enough for it to happen. There was only one table there before us and it still took 35 minutes for us to get two turkey sandwiches and some chicken for Lilli. THEN our little waiter dropped half of Brent's sandwich and told him it would take "one minute and thirty seconds" for a new one - and it literally did. So why did we wait the extra 33 minutes the first time??? It pretty much reminded us why we eat at Mad Donna's once a year.Afterwards we got out the sleeping bags and played around before bedtime. We had recently watched the episode of the Cosby show where the family tests out some sleeping bags for Sondra and Elvin's wilderness store so we thought it would be fun to play around in our sleeping bags.Or "sleepy bags" as someone called them!

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