Monday, April 11, 2011

Good Eats

These pictures of Lilli have nothing to do with food, and at no point did we eat the inchworm or throw him in the crockpot. They're simply to make my weekly recipe post a little less boring. I am sure the inchworm was harmed or at the very least traumatized for the making of this post, but that's the misfortune any inchworm comes to when crossing onto our tiny little property. I did save him from certain drowning when she suggested we put him in her water table.I'm pretty sure my favorite thing we ate this past week was Rachael Ray's Greek Chicken. We've been making it for years and have always loved it. We love Greek and it just suits our tastes. We half the olive oil and then put the grilled chicken in pitas with saffron rice and feta cheese and drizzle with ranch, just like our fave Greek restaurants. Healthy and delicious. It's pretty much impossible to top, and Lilli ate some of the chicken as well so "kid friendly" too.
This Chipotle Pork Tenderloin was really good and incredibly easy. I read the reviews and cut the chipotle by a LOT - I just used one tablespoon and it was still on fire. Since I didn't want to marinade once we got home it might have been hotter since it marinated overnight and all day, but it was still really good and we both thought the lunch leftovers the following day were even better. I ended up grilling it on the indoor George Foreman which was several minutes faster than their cook time. It's just easier to grill inside since dinner is pretty much ready when Brent comes home and I have to cook while making sure Lilli doesn't break her neck jumping on the couch. I'm pretty sure working full time + managing Lilli + cooking a fresh and healthy meal makes me SuperMomma, but there's just no way I could manage the grill outside and the inside chaos as well.
We could skip this Flounder. It was decent but nothing I'd ever repeat. The Parmesan Tilapia we make is WAY better and I'm sure we could use Flounder on it and it would be a much better recipe. Painted toes. It's all the rage in our house right now. Give her about five seconds and she will tell you all about it.

Tonight we had a "healthy Frito Pie". Instead of beef most of the time I use turkey, and tonight we also used tortilla chips instead of Fritos. I made my chili from a recipe my friend Becky who used to work with me but now lives in Vermont (and one day will be invaded by us when we return to see the most beautiful fall foliage you can ever imagine) sent me last week. I didn't realize I was out of chili seasoning packets, so I Googled it and came up with this recipe which worked out great. I had already added fresh onion and garlic so I went light on those, but the chili had great flavor and was a big hit. We layer chips, then chili, top with cheese and jalapenos, throw it under the broiler and add a dab of lowfat sour cream. We had a nice little side salad to go with it and dinner was done, just as the tornado sirens started up.

Our Band-Aid count on Friday was 4 - none of which actually needed a Band-Aid and there were only two minor scratches underneath all those Dora and Barbie Band-Aids. And wearing Band-Aids means keeping her pants legs up so all can see.
My junior assistant had a blast at Home Depot helping us pick out some plants and pulling the buggy along, but this was nothing compared to the time (and mess) that was made on Saturday when she helped me plant them!!! This child LOVES dirt!!!

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