Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet Treats

Sunday was one incredibly windy day (I guess leading up to severe storms we had on Monday). I went out and rode my bike 11 miles on the Greenway while Lilli napped, and we had planned to fly kites as soon as she woke up that afternoon. It ended up working out perfectly, as soon as I got home she was already waking up and one of our art-show friends had actually called Brent and said a lot of people were hanging out at the park, some flying kites, and that we should come join them. Perfect and Perfect, which means nothing will be perfect.Lilli was SO excited about flying her Batman kite, talking about how it would fly like a bird and so high and all kinds of excitement. We pulled up on the bluff (it's a high part of Shelby Park that's lesser known, way up on a hill overlooking the park and river). We immediately saw the group of probably 20 or so hip twenty-somethings, no kids (which we knew - the art crowd is made up of very few pipsqueaks) and our friend saw us driving up and started heading over. Lilli quickly gave him "High Tens" and Brent got the Batman kite out to get it soaring. And then Lilli M.E.L.T.E.D down. SCREAMING No Batman! No Batman! Full mouth extension, crocodile tears, all of these hip little people staring at us and laughing. A real A+ Parent moment. At first I thought she wanted to fly the kite, but that wasn't it. She ended up running back to the car, trying to climb in her seat and buckle in all on her own, and said she wanted to go home. After talking to her for a few minutes I figured out it was the wind scaring her to death. And it was VERY windy, you know - the perfect kind of kite day. I hung out with her in the car for a few minutes and finally convinced her to go over to the swings, so we pushed for a while but once she got out of the swings the wind tortured her once more and she ended up sitting in the car watching part of a movie while we visited with friends before we left.
So to offset the torture we took her to the Pied Piper and got her a little Jr size pear sorbet that she wolfed down and all was right with the world once more.
Jumpy jump is slowly being phased out of the living room as it just can't hold air. It was having to be aired up every day and just leaking faster and faster. The whole thing is deflated now as a slow phase out so she doesn't totally freak out. I don't think it will be a problem since we're spending more and more time outside now and it will be SO nice to reclaim the living room.
She was also pretty excited about the lemon cupcake I found on my desk one afternoon after I got out of some meetings! We have one vendor who always stops by a cupcake shop and brings us some. We love when he visits! (And yes, she's got no pants on (the usual) and her cowboy boots. She's been really hot on her boots this week.
And these last two are a preview of what we're going to be doing on this fine weekend!!! Looks like fun, huh??? Landscaping is the major priority this summer. We've spent almost 5 years gutting and remodeling the inside from top to bottom and now it's time to give this house some curb appeal (although all of this is for the back!)
Lots of fun stuff planned for the yard! I think Brent mentioned he's going to need at least 500 of these bricks????

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