Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boo-boos & Dancing Shoes

Lilli is feeling a lot better today!!! She slept in until 8:45 (heaven!!) and hasn't had a fever at all today. Her stomach was a little upset earlier this morning but she told me she had to go and we made it to the potty and everything (yay!) It's pretty common for her stomach to be a little off when her fever breaks, and when she was younger she usually had a slight rash as well. She ate a little breakfast and lunch, and has mostly just wanted to hang out and watch some TV this morning and play with her Easter eggs. It's been a pretty relaxing day and I've gotten some things done around the house, too. My house would be SO clean and organized if I was home everyday!!!

One of her favorite things to do is line up a bunch of my shoes and try them all on. She's actually really great at walking in heels.
For the taller boots and some of the more wobbly ones she's also smart enough to realize it helps to use the door handle for balance in getting them on. Smart kid.
I think the boots are some of her favorite ones to wear. At school they put their names on their back in tape each day, I think it helps with the drop-in program they also have. Church does the same thing with bigger stickers for security reasons, and the last two Sundays at Kroger we've had people stop us and ask if we knew she had a sticker on her back. Ha! I'm really not sure why people would be so worried about a kid having a sticker on her back???
Last Thursday night a root attacked Brent while he was digging out for the backyard reno. Pretty nasty looking gash.
Of course Lilli thought he needed a Barbie Band-Aid to make it better.
And a kiss makes every boo-boo better. Clearly if you put together Lilli's shirt and Brent's pants I might not be the only person in this family who can put together an entire outfit.
Last Friday night we braved that day's storms and headed out to Target which usually means dinner at Jack in the Box. That place is so awful I don't think we can ever go back. The service there is 100% terrible and the bathrooms are even worse. Lilli cracks us up - she just loves to pose for the camera. If you ask her to take her pic with someone she automatically puts her arm around them and she's started squinting but keeping one eye open so she can see what's going on.
I don't know why, but for some reason the spirit was with her and when she was almost done eating she asked if she could get up and dance. We were the only people in their so we figured why not. It's a completely bizarre song to feel moved to dance for, but whatever floats her boat!

And yes, her outfit choice was completely hers. Awful! I don't think a single thing matched.
She ended her dance with something that I think she intended to be the splits. Where in the world does she learn this stuff????

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