Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Eats and Looking Good

We haven't done a ton of new recipes the last couple of weeks, with our big sandwich party last weekend (which will be the next post when I am caught up!!) and Lilli being sick this week. We made the Crock Pot BBQ recipe which we absolutely love again and it was delicious. This time we totally skipped the oven and BBQ sauce part at the end and decided we like it better that way. Brent dipped his in BBQ sauce and I ate mine without the bun and sauce altogether.

I bought this little ballerina skirt (with matching leotard) from a guy at work that sells me a lot of his girls' old clothes at some great prices. Lilli LOVES it and it at least helps since she rarely wears pants at home. She is actually getting better about the pants thing.We absolutely loved this pork and pineapple taco recipe. I let my pork marinade all day while we were at work and then grilled it on the George Foreman once we got home. So delicious and easy. It's hard to beat grilled pineapple and that totally made the recipe.

Here's how the yard reno looked last Saturday night, with the start of the retaining wall going in:

Brent really hasn't done much with it this week, so it still pretty much looks like that. We also had some things like kielbasa and rice (always a favorite of everyone), spaghetti night, beef pot roast, breakfast for dinner and some soups and sammie nights since it's been a little chilly lately.
It was pretty chilly last Saturday and Sunday morning, so it was perfect for this little dress I got at a spring consignment sale. It came with the cutest little jacket and the whole set was just $6! Ridiculous!!! It's a 2T so the jacket was a bit big on her so I think it will really fit better this fall and hopefully not swallow her so much. It was a battle to get her to wear the white shoes, she REALLY wanted to wear her coral sandals that she's addicted to. The ruffly socks are what won her over.

The inside of the coat is lined just like the dress. Lots of detail there!
And this is when she got tired of wearing the coat and didn't want to keep it on anymore, otherwise known as taking too many pictures.
Her favorite sunglasses perked her right back up though.
Thankfully it was already nice and warm after church and kept warming up where we could have our party outdoors. Major YEAH!
Brent didn't get much of her after church. She was in a mood with her teeth all weekend. The only thing that was making her semi-happy was this Capri Sun she saw in the fridge when she was helping me put up groceries.
I do like this one with her little foot kicked out!
Hopefully she will be a much more willing model this Easter weekend!!

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