Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Family Pics

After the pics we took in Mark's yard last Sunday we went across the street to take a few more at the school. I thought this one was cute except I forgot I still had her apple!

Better!She loves to jump off the steps so we tried to do a few in sync. Not easy in a pencil skirt and heels!
Brent had a much easier time with it, and jumped a LOT higher! She thought it was hilarious.
I had to scoot back to get them both in the shot.
Then he had her stand still and he jumped over her. She thought that was the greatest thing ever.

She also really liked being tossed up in the air.

Then we wanted to get a good one of the four of us on the porch but by the time Brent got the tri-pod set up she was over it and ready for lunch and a nap.
So she got booted from the shot completely! Much better!!
One thing is for sure though, I NEED a tan!!! It may be time to start hitting up the slow fake tanner, especially since my Easter dress is white and I should probably be at least a little darker than it.

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