Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesus Loves Lilli

Lilli comes home with a song in her brain every Sunday, for a long time it was a Saw-Saw, Pound-Pound song that I wasn't familiar with, but now it's moved to Jesus Loves Me. She really can't remember anything about it other than the main "Jesus Loves Me" but her enthusiasm and the amount of hours she sang this song on Sunday more than made up for it. She sang it all the way through our post-church Kroger shopping visit, after her nap that afternoon, and then really let it fly in the bathtub. I have no clue where she gets this Yankee sounding accent from. And I still don't think we have a future American Idol on our hands, which is fine because we've never watched that show anyway. (Seriously, we have never sat down and watched American Idol, other than a couple of times we did watch the initial auditions.)

Lilli also likes playing with spiders (and snakes) in the bathtub.


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