Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fish Fry

Thursday night we went to the Nashville Inner City Fish Fry. I'm really not sure why we've never been before, we've been supporting them financially and sending kids to camp every year ever since we got married and heard someone speak about the organization at the very first church we attended in Nashville. Our Sunday school class had 3 tables of people sign up for the Thursday night dinner.Oddly enough, the fish fry begins at 6:30, but our table leader said it's better to be there by 6. We got there at 6 and the line was enormous (but moved really fast). Apparently they even started serving food around 5:30??? That's quite the party to start an hour early and I think most of the people attending already had that memo.
Meredith was there and Lilli was really excited to see her old friend. She even offered her her brownie. We saw several other Freedies we went to school with there, too.
We didn't get very many good pics of our table. Really good fish was had by all and Lilli really liked her catfish. I think she ended up eating about a piece and a half by the time she stole things off my plate. If it looks like chicken she'll eat it. She was really good and played with Suzanne's phone during the speech. Even the mayor was there and gave a little speech.
All in all a fun night and next time we will be there EARLY.

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