Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 800

We had such a pretty day on Sunday! After church the two kiddos were hanging out together on the deck, both tongues wagging.You can kind of see it above, but the day started with pink sandals but by the time Brent went to do his usual Sunday photoshoot she had to wear her big boots. Thank goodness that came about later in the day!

It was a very windy Sunday! That's a whole different post.
Baby came along for the Day 800 photoshoot.
Jumping. She jumps ALL the time. Everywhere. Every afternoon she jumps all the way to the car.
I think she will love the kangaroos at the zoo this year.
I think this may be the cover of her first country album one day.
Or maybe this one.
Just looking sweet at 800 days old.

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