Friday, May 6, 2011

Where's Josh?

Still no news on this guy. So frustrating to still be waiting on the results! He is healing great though, and is really just about back to 100% Pippin. Thankfully all the bruising and razor burn is gone and he looks to be healing as he should.A great sign that he's feeling like Pippin is that he went absolutely ballistic when Sarah and Josh showed up this afternoon. They're our "Chicago friends" and we met up at their place when we took Lil to the Windy City back in September. They flew into Nashville today to drive down to Huntsville and spend the weekend with some friends of theirs. They'd never visited here before so they spent the afternoon checking out Music City and then came over after we got home from work.
We gave them the grand tour of this old house and then took them out to dinner. It's always kind of hard to settle on what one place to take someone who may never eat anywhere else in Nashville again. We settled on Rotier's. They've won all kinds of awards and been on all kinds of shows, and it's hard to beat really good diner-style Southern food. I really thought they had a large selection of pies, but they really don't so afterwards we headed over to Sylvan Park for dessert, who is famous locally for their good down home desserts. I guess it is true because they were pretty much out of everything we wanted to try. I got the banana pudding (which was just ok).
Lilli REALLY took a liking to Josh. When he went up to pay or to the bathroom Lilli always wanted to know where Josh was. And for the life of her she couldn't remember Sarah's name and kept calling her Stephanie (like our babysitter). But Josh, she had no trouble remembering. About five minutes after they left tonight Lilli was asking where he was.
Sarah's pie. At least I think there was pie under all that meringue.
I think her top molars may be starting to come in. She's super drooly and it's caused a little rash around her mouth. I did get her hands out of her mouth by bribing her with a gummy once she got home if she would get her hands down and smile!
Cute pic of Sarah and Lilli!
Group shot back at our house.
Sarah and Josh with Pippin. I know they only stopped by so they could see him, and I'm ok with that! And he was VERY happy to see them! Seriously, if he wasn't half shaved with his stomach held together with staples you would have NO clue that last Friday night he was in doggie ICU. Absolutely crazy. He jumped all over them all night!
But he is pretty passed out now! (Actually right now he's underneath my stool while I type on the computer in the kitchen.)
We are so glad Sarah and Josh got to visit Nashville and stop in to see us (all of us!)

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