Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pictures of the Weekend

My two favorite pictures of the weekend! Hard to choose because we did a lot this weekend that will all get posted when I get caught up from all the Easter I'm behind! But I have to have something for "show and tell" at work on Monday!

The cicadas in our yard are SO gross. Completely covering all the trees, all over the front porch, fences, deck, everywhere. Lilli loves them though and keeps collecting them and bringing a few in the house. Today's favorite cicada was named Lucy. It's kind of hard to see here, but they're all over the leaves of the crepe myrtle and up and down the trunks, too.And she is SO baby obsessed that it's totally annoying. Pippin used to be the one who couldn't control himself when people came over, but he eventually wears down and would rather chew a rawhide or something, Lilli on the other hand must see each and every little thing Ella did tonight, up close and all into her personal space. Maybe if Ella had been fussy and given a good cry or two but she was too good!!!

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