Friday, May 27, 2011

Date Night!

Early last week Brent and I went out for our monthly date night. Actually, April ended up being so busy with Pippin that Stephanie hadn't been over to watch "the kids" since the end of March. They were VERY happy to see her and Brent actually recorded the response she gets when she shows up! They both just love her and Lilli talks about her all the time. Whatever they do when we're not here is clearly something she's enjoying and Lilli is the only kid she will watch so she must not mind coming over!

We were heading out to celebrate Brent's birthday and the end of his Biggest Loser competition at work. He had been wanting to try Copper Kettle, and I really like the one in SoBro and go there sometimes for lunch. That one isn't open for dinner so we had to go over to the Lipscomb area one and it just wasn't the same! His sandwich wasn't very good and their buffet options weren't nearly as nice as the one downtown (and they seriously didn't have as many of the healthier options I normally go for either!). I was a little disappointed for his since it was his pick. My pecan crusted chicken was dry, dry, dry.
Afterwards we went over to Green Hills Mall to do some shopping. My new favorite store in all the world is Charming Charlie's. Absolutely huge jewelry, shoe and accessory store. Everything is sorted by color and it's pretty much overwhelming. Great deals, but I do have a hard time buying things knowing I can get the same stuff for half that in Atlanta at Market. I did pick up a few things I needed to fill in some holes in my accessories for the spring and early summer!
From there we went to Krispy Kreme and grabbed some donuts. I think Brent was trying to really fill back in from all the weight he had lost!
It was a great date night out for May!

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