Monday, May 2, 2011

Trucking On

Life has been getting back to normal today, or at least the new normal while we wait on Pippin's test results. This was last night, the bruising from his surgery has gotten worse (like they said it would). He really doesn't act like it hurts. We take lots of pictures each day just so we can have something to look back on if it changes or if we think it looks weird at any point.You would think he would want to rest but he follows us around all the time and every time we take him out we have to yell at him to use the front step and not try to jump off the side! I don't think he even sat down tonight until Lilli went to bed, he just followed us everywhere and the two of them were all up in each other's space tonight. I have to come home at lunch this week for his pain meds. He's on three different things and they all end up being at different times so I have a running post-it note to remind me which one is at what time. Most of his meds run through Sat or Sunday, and then he gets his stitches out two weeks from today.
She wants to wear this awful princess gown I got used all the time. She changed into it after school today. She was also wearing it yesterday afternoon and playing in the front yard with Brent when someone came by next door that hadn't been over to visit Mark since she was born and THIS awful thing is what she was wearing the first time he ever met her! A couple hours later she wanted to get dressed up in her Pippin dress and Brent was wondering why in the world no one ever stops by when she's dressed up cute instead of in her PJs!
We all slept much better last night. We're letting him sleep right next to our bed so we can hear if he needs to go out or if he starts licking (we try not to keep the cone on him if we're right there because he has such an awful time with it and he's stuck in his crate all day with it on right now). Besides his terrible snoring waking us up a few times he didn't get up or need to go out or anything. I think he's starting to regulate back out from all the fluids he's been pumped up with.
Pippin did inspire two people I work with to immediately call and take their dogs in for their annual exams and overdue check-ups on Saturday and a couple of other people are considering pet health insurance (which I really, really wish we had!).

And today Discover card notified us that a large charge had been posted to our account (from the pet ER.) That one made us both laugh. I bet they personally call us to verify when the surgery charges post.

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