Friday, May 20, 2011

More Easter/Mother's Day

On Easter, Lilli also got to have part of her first chocolate bunny.
It was a very big hit!From there, just a couple of days later Pippin got sick, had his surgery and came home, which is really when I got so behind on here in posting this older stuff for Lilli's digital babybook. The day before Mother's Day Brent took Lilli down to Columbia to visit with his family. I'm not sure that she trusted Madison's driving skills.

She scored big with their old jumpy hand-me-down. She's been pretty bummed about losing the indoor one we had this winter. This one's the perfect size for her and a lot sturdier than the old one.
She loves it!
Only problem is the weather has been so awful since then! So rainy and cold for May this year, so we've only been able to get it out 3 or 4 times since then.
It has made for a fun place to play horsey!
Tomorrow morning's forecast is looking pretty good so I think there may be some jumping in our forecast!

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