Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Country Music Marathon 2011

Nothing new on Pippin, we're still just waiting on results. Hopefully tomorrow we'll hear something, this wait is just awful.

Saturday morning we rode our bikes down to watch and cheer at the Country Music Marathon. We've each run the half a few times (I think I've done it three or four times), and Lilli has been a cheerleader at in in 2009 and 2010. They changed the full marathon course and this year it comes through East Nashville, actually it runs all the way up our street until 5 blocks from our house and then it curves through the neighborhood and into Shelby Park before finishing at the stadium. Miles 17-25 are in our neighborhood now!We worked our way through the park and then back closer to our house. We missed the first men, but saw the first woman at around Mile 25. Lilli was hilarious cheering for the runners, she'd tell them all "Good job guys!". She got a ton of people cheering for her as we rode through the course.

We pulled off a couple of times and would stop and watch for a while.Running up our street, I think this is around mile 18.Running up one of our side streets about 5 blocks from our house.We first saw this guy two years ago, so we were pleasantly surprised when he was playing his organ in our neighborhood! Lilli was a lot more interested in him this time! The runners absolutely love seeing him, he's a great surprise when you're tired. Lilli was so enthralled with the monkey that we stayed near him for a while.We had actually been out there a couple of hours at this point and Lilli wanted to go to the bathroom. We ran into an antique shop in our neighborhood and she actually made it in time.But the second time she needed to go we just loaded up and biked home!I think we spent a few hours out there and all had a good time. It's so nice to have the race in our backyard practically - I could hear two of the bands playing from our front yard later that morning while we were playing outside. Maybe one year we'll quit being lazy about training for it and actually run in it again!!!

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